CleanGridView is a blog by Katherine Hamilton, a co-founder of 38 North Solutions, a firm focused public affairs, strategic communications, advocacy, and relationship building almost exclusively for the clean energy and innovation industries in Washington, D.C., across the country, and around the world. Katherine’s twitter handle is Twitter@cleangridview. Check out the 38 North Solutions website and Compass blog.


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  1. Oladapo Olowokudejo says:

    Having read various articles from your blog, I have say you are doing a fantastic work in enlightening people about the importance of clean energy to our fast degrading world. I would however appreciate if by collective responsibility we spread the words to the third world countries, most especially (Africa) as most countries in this continent are still far behind in implementing these policies. I would propose we act fast on how we can bridge these gaps as the world is a global village. I hope to hear from you on how best to mitigate policies and innovative ideas.

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